What does the eu want to be?

What does the EU want to be?

There are three options

The EU will be facing a choice between three options: back to the Westphalian nation-state, keeping the EU as it is now, or upgrading the EU to a European federation. The effects will be al follows:

Back to the Westphalian nation-state

  • This is an out-dated, retarded form of sovereignty
  • Closed borders, deterring immigration
  • Anarchy between nation-states. Anarchy in the sense of the absence of cross-border administration, causing conflicts and wars
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    Inevitable wars as in the 19th and 20th century
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    Shrinking of diversity and innovation
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    Shrinking of national economies through protectionism and isolationism

Keeping the EU as it is now: intergovernmental administration based on a treaty

  • The intergovernmental administration destroys the sovereignty of the member states, forcing them to assimilate
  • Member states use the EU as a pigeonhole: in-out
  • No respect for, nor acceptance of the treaty-based duties
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    Vulnerable to external threats like economic crises, terrorism, climate change
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    No common policy with respect to cross border common interests and concerns like economy, social security, immigration, safety, energy/climate, defence, foreign affairs
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    No global power like the USA, China and Russia

Establishing the United States of Europe, based on a federal constitution

  • Vertical division of powers, creating shared sovereignty
  • Each member state keeps its sovereignty, cultural identity and language
  • No forced assimilation
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    Cross border administration to secure common interests and concerns
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    Open borders, diversity, innovation, safety and welfare
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    Stronger than the USA, China and Russia