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The European Federalist Papers

Robert A. Levine - a former senior official in the American federal government - wrote an article in The New York Times on 9 January 1999 entitled 'What the EU needs is a copy of The Federalist Papers'. These - a total of 85 - Papers were of fundamental importance for the citizens of the thirteen former colonies in America to agree to a federal Constitution, the birth certificate of the United States of America.

Levine warned against problems with the euro if it was not based on a federal European Union. And he was right: the euro must be kept alive in anyway . It is uncertain whether this - non-federal - currency will survive another economic crisis.

Leo Klinkers and Herbert Tombeur have taken the bold step of writing The European Federalist Papers between August 2012 and May 2013.

That document covers 26 papers, which argue that the EU in its present form has had its longest time and that a federally organised Europe has the future.

Unfortunately, under the influence of misinformation by politicians, very few people in Europe know what a European Federation is, let alone why this would be the very best form of government for a binding partnership of European states.

Every week we publish two of the 26 European Federalist Papers. After three months you own the entire edition.

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The European Federalist Papers

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